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The Importance of a Professional Teeth Cleaning

We may put it off for the time being, but regular dental cleanings are a vital component to maintaining good oral health. Dr. Jeffrey Burns offers cleanings, exams, and more at his Vernon, CT dental practice. The importance of regular teeth cleaning can not be understated when weighing options on how to cultivate a healthy, beautiful smile.

Why should you go to get your teeth cleaned regularly?

  • Teeth cleanings keep your smile bright and healthy.
  • Regular dental exams help your dentist stave off decay as it occurs.
  • Thorough cleanings under the gum block the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease.
  • Cleaning twice a year keeps the teeth from developing tartar and plaque that hardens and is difficult to remove.
  • Dental cleanings make it easier to keep your teeth cleaner at home.
  • Improves breath.
  • Personalized oral hygiene recommendations.

Regular dental cleanings, in conjunction with a healthy diet, are also associated with a lower risk of several forms of heart disease: heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure.

What can I expect at my cleaning?

Your dentist will take an x-ray exam if you need it to see if there are any weaknesses in the enamel, and then will clean, floss, and polish your teeth. The results are clean, shiny teeth, and fresher breath.

Has it been a while since you have seen the dentist? Let us help you get back on track. Even if it is your first time getting a cleaning, you are one step closer to a healthy smile that can last your whole life. As always, don’t forget to brush and floss twice daily at home between visits to the dentist.

Are you in Vernon, CT, looking for a dentist to help you with your oral care routine? Call Dr. Burns at (860) 870-4410 for a consultation today.

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